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SlideRule organizes and curates the internet's best learning content, with a mission to help anyone discover the best resources to learn any skill.
Our vision is to help make online education a credible alternative to traditional (university) education. Most of what's happening today in online education is around content. But content is not education (textbooks are a $6B market, college is a $300B market). We want to create the “glue around the content”, starting with curriculum / content-sequencing, then adding community and potentially mentorship/tutoring.


Sokanu is a career platform and free career test designed to measure people intrinsically and match them to careers. We believe people do their best work when it’s in something they’re passionate about. Our mission is to connect people to their calling in life so they can reach their true potential.

Red Cup Agency

Red Cup serves startups and entrepreneurs by building their online culture, user community, and customer base, making them attractive to investors, and bringing them closer to acquisition or exit. Investors want traction. Let's bring it to them.

Mo'popular is our program to guide startup founders and entrepreneurs. We founded Digital Fundraising School to teach creative media-makers, entrepreneurs, startups and digital visionaries how to raise money with crowdfunding.