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Automatic Trap Company

We believe passionately in eradicating rodents in a safe, humane, and efficient manner. Our vision is to eliminate the preventable suffering of these mammals–and we’re one step closer with every trap we ship.

Each Perfectly Engineered A24 Rat and Mouse Trap Creates an Environment Free from the Threat + Destruction of Introduced Pests

Sadly, the three most common ways to kill rats—glue traps, snap traps, and poison—are incredibly cruel. Glue traps are an inhumane and unnecessary way to end a rodent’s life. Snap traps often fail to kill quickly, and they only work on either rats or mice. Poison results in a slow, painful death and exposes other wildlife, such as predator birds, to the same harm.

At Automatic Trap, we’re breaking the cycle of rodent control through the distribution of the A24 Rat and Mouse trap. We offer a more pragmatic solution that eliminates these creatures in the most humane and efficient way possible.

SharePyar eCommerce LLP

“SharePyar” is all about sharing love with a perfect unique gift for an occasion.  At SharePyar, our entire focus is on helping our customers Share a little Pyar [Hindi: प्यार ] with their loved ones. We celebrate occasions for our customers and focus on the upcoming holidays, festivals and occasions and curate the gifts the way our customers love. We have collections of pretty unique gifts including SharePyar exclusives. We believe when you give a gift to someone, it is not just another merchandise, but should reflect the love that you are sharing with them. So our team looks out for new, innovative and uniqueness in our gift picking and at the same time takes very special care of the quality of the gifts. We handpick each of our products from all around the world which are crafted with perfection.

We take customer satisfaction as our top priority. If you have any feedback or questions on our service, we do request you to drop us a mail at Info [email protected], we will get back to you at the earliest.


SharePyar© Team

Laidback Life Ltd

Laidback Life Ltd was founded in order to create products that will make people's lives easier. Its first product is D-Tangle; a gadget that automatically unwinds users existing set of earphones.

FlaskTie and FlaskScarf

FlaskTie is a real necktie, designed to conceal your favorite beverage around your neck. FlaskTie guarantees you’ll be more stylish and less thirsty than your friends. Looking good was never so refreshing.

Beard Head

Beard Head sells trendy hats and beanies with detachable beards and mustache facemasks to a market consisting of individuals of all ages, from all walks of life.  Our hats are both fun and functional, protecting your face from harsh weather while keeping your head warm. 


diffr3nt is an American-based canvas accessories company bent on breaking convention, smashing satisfactory, and ousting okay. We aim to usher in a new era of quality over quantity, finished instead of done, and great in place of good. What is truly unique about diffr3nt is that our products are 100% handcrafted in the United States from fabric to final product. We love our nation, we love our customers, and if you’re diffr3nt, we probably love you too.