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inSelly is a Marketplace for Instagram. One place to discover all sales offers from world favorite network.


Spectafy delivers photos of the places you care about from our crowdsourced community.

Spectafy is a social photo-sharing app that connects people with the real-time, location-based information they need. Our vision is to leverage advances in mobility, connectivity, and community to connect people with the data they need.


Bumblejax specializes in transforming digital images into modern, gallery quality art using unique materials such as acrylic, bamboo and raw aluminum.  


Events are all about having a good time, we want to allow people to relive the best moments from everyones perspective. 

With Venteo every picture you take and anyone at an event go into the same album straight away. 

Gone are the days of your friends forgetting to upload or send pictures to you after an event, now you have everyone’s pictures in the palm of your hand.

• Check-in to any currently running events on your Facebook.

• Capture amazing pictures from anywhere in the app to share to the album.

• Like, promote and share your favourite pictures of the event!

• Instantly RSVP to your Facebook events.

• Easily see all the details of the event before/during/after such as who's going and where it is.

• Relive the event from your phone afterwards and enjoy everyone’s perspective!