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Mailbird is the best email client that helps people and businesses focus on staying productive and effective with online communication and work flow.


Golfalong is a social networking platform connecting golfers in a very unique and beneficial way. Think Facebook meets eHarmony meets GolfNow. Book tee times, create your perfect foursome, and find awesome deals. All the social aspects of golf in one single place.


Spacenab provides a simplest and easiest way to share contents online where anyone can posts their contents with ease.


I provide makeup/hair/spfx services, avid blogger and I am an author of 2 new e-books: a beauty e-book called "I'm Not Making This Up"which features all of the best makeup tips and tricks I have learned over the years and "How To Work with a Makeup Artist for Photographers" which features some amazing tips on production and much more so that every shoot is fun and seamless - pun intended.

Hipinspire Limited

Here at hipinspire we design cooler than cool interfaces and build pretty sweet websites and we can say for sure we love our job!


We take big-data that exists all over sports and mine it for unprecedented insights into players and teams

Ministry of Supply

Ministry of Supply uses research-based design and advanced materials to create men's clothing that takes you through your entire day, everyday. WE BELIEVE CLOTHING SHOULD BE AN EXTENSION OF YOUR BODY, EQUIPPING YOU TO REALIZE YOUR LIMITLESS POTENTIAL. USING RESEARCH-BASED DESIGN, WE CREATE PURPOSEFUL PRODUCTS ENGINEERED TO WORK FOR YOU IN ANY SITUATION.

Beard Head

Beard Head sells trendy hats and beanies with detachable beards and mustache facemasks to a market consisting of individuals of all ages, from all walks of life.  Our hats are both fun and functional, protecting your face from harsh weather while keeping your head warm. 


BringMeThat is the most comprehensive online food delivery site in the world.  We offer delivery from over 40,000 restaurants across all 50 states

Company Connector

Company Connector is an easy-to-use, personalized search tool for job culture in US companies.  Company Connector matches you with great employers and gives you the inside scoop from people who work at those companies.


inSelly is a Marketplace for Instagram. One place to discover all sales offers from world favorite network.


Registering with nubie.com gives you instant access to our cloud free of charge. You will see that we provide cloud-based software for business start-ups. This software guides you towards setting up your business quickly and effectively, by separating the tasks into nine easy to follow steps – think of it as online mentoring! By the time you finish Step 9, your business will be up and running! You can complete Step 1 without any charge.


Spectafy delivers photos of the places you care about from our crowdsourced community.

Spectafy is a social photo-sharing app that connects people with the real-time, location-based information they need. Our vision is to leverage advances in mobility, connectivity, and community to connect people with the data they need.

One Degree

We help Photographers and Videographers find work, and we help anyone needing to find a Photographer or Videographer do so - instantly and on-demand.


SeatID is a social seating and booking platform that helps eCommerce websites and apps in both travel and ticketing improve conversion by showing shoppers 'who else bought this' and who is sitting where.


Bumblejax specializes in transforming digital images into modern, gallery quality art using unique materials such as acrylic, bamboo and raw aluminum.  


We list every interesting event across all of North America. Whether you want to book clubs in Chicago or rock concerts in Boston we've got you covered.


Yeti is the easiest way to start and join discussions around topics that interest you.

Find your Yeti, discover the unknown.

Swipe right to join a discussion, left to pass. As Yeti learns your interests it recommends more relevant discussions. Discussions, much like in the real world, span local topics including restaurant recommendations, local attractions, and inquiries about the area.

With Yeti, you can easily share and discuss topics with experts about anything from your favorite surf spot in Bali, the best dive bar in Venice, or a newly found hike in Vail. Yeti is the best way to help, share, and learn about local discussions around the world.

Check out Yeti and Discover the Unknown - Download the app


SlideRule organizes and curates the internet's best learning content, with a mission to help anyone discover the best resources to learn any skill.
Our vision is to help make online education a credible alternative to traditional (university) education. Most of what's happening today in online education is around content. But content is not education (textbooks are a $6B market, college is a $300B market). We want to create the “glue around the content”, starting with curriculum / content-sequencing, then adding community and potentially mentorship/tutoring.


Sokanu is a career platform and free career test designed to measure people intrinsically and match them to careers. We believe people do their best work when it’s in something they’re passionate about. Our mission is to connect people to their calling in life so they can reach their true potential.


At Kitchit, we believe that nothing beats a great meal with amazing company. We connect hosts with professional chefs to help them bring their culinary dreams to life. Whether its a multi-course tour de force or a casual get together with friends, we have the chef to help you bring your cuilinary dreams to life. The chef handles everything from food to cooking and cleanup so that you can focus on what matters. Spending time with friends and loved ones.

Your Chef. Your Table. Your Restaurant. Kitchit.

Here is a brief overview outlining our services.

Lightning Labels

Lightning Labels uses state-of-the-art printing technology to provide affordable, full-color custom labels and stickers of all shapes and sizes. From small orders for individuals, to the bulk needs of big businesses, Lightning Labels is equipped to handle and fulfill custom label and sticker projects of all types. 


diffr3nt is an American-based canvas accessories company bent on breaking convention, smashing satisfactory, and ousting okay. We aim to usher in a new era of quality over quantity, finished instead of done, and great in place of good. What is truly unique about diffr3nt is that our products are 100% handcrafted in the United States from fabric to final product. We love our nation, we love our customers, and if you’re diffr3nt, we probably love you too.

Red Cup Agency

Red Cup serves startups and entrepreneurs by building their online culture, user community, and customer base, making them attractive to investors, and bringing them closer to acquisition or exit. Investors want traction. Let's bring it to them.

Mo'popular is our program to guide startup founders and entrepreneurs. We founded Digital Fundraising School to teach creative media-makers, entrepreneurs, startups and digital visionaries how to raise money with crowdfunding.


Nucleus is a smart, Internet-connected intercom that lets you connect with those you care about the most.  Using WiFi and an HD wide-angle camera, Nucleus connects instantly so you can talk to or see anyone else on the same system - whether they are upstairs or in a different country.


Sumry is a beautiful online resume/profile. Most online resumes stop there. We've made a summarized version of a users online resume that can be downloaded as a PDF. This PDF can be uploaded all across the internet to any job. All the links inside are tracked and we even track the amount of time the hiring manager spends on your Sumry.

Sumry is fun, yet professional. We've created a walkthrough for building your resume that helps draw out your strengths and skills.

All of this makes Sumry the best resume and profile site around (sorry About.me) Our format allows hiring managers and other professionals to get comfortable with you long before the interview.


Find Hidden Gems and Plan Memorable Outings

The primary motivation behind Ploggur is to incentivize users to explore their cities and go out more often. Ploggur is an online social platform for users to find and share interesting and diverse activities and gain insight about good hangout places. Users make multi-step location specific plans, categorized using an intuitive mood tagging system. In each plan they can suggest one or more venues or activities. Using Ploggur users can plan amazing activities with their friends and have access to deals and promotions from various venues. Give it a try.

Basmati Labs

We're a Toronto-based app development company specializing in location-based marketplaces.

Spanish To Move

Spanish To Move is the best program to learn Spanish online!

It has been designed on the basis of psychological and linguistic research to ensure effective and long lasting learning.


The course includes the following contents:

  • 4 levels of proficiency: Elementary, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced, with 45 lessons in each one of them.
  • A Free 7-Day Course explaining our learning method and some motivational issues.
  • A Free Spanish Course for Travelers.
  • Over 18 hours of audio in Mp3 format.
  • Over 18 hours of video in Mp4 format that includes text/audio sync videos.
  • Over 500 pages of lessons in PDF format.
  • Spanish vocabulary in 7 languages ​​(English, French, Portuguese, German, Chinese, Japanese and Korean).
  • English translation of the lessons in the Elementary and Basic levels.
  • Unconscious learning of the grammar, so students can learn intuitively and without memorizing complicated grammatical structures or endless vocabulary lists.
  • Access to a learning community to get feedback and receive personalized advice.
  • Travel blog containing articles about the culture, traditions and attractions of Spanish speaking countries, so that students are encouraged to travel to these fascinating destinations. 

Try our Free Lessons in MP3, MP4 and PDF formats, at our website:



txtMovies is a leader in delivering Redbox and other digital codes as a form of customer appreciation and survey incentives.

Customers we serve include major universities (Ohio State, University of Michigan, University of Iowa), nonprofits (Livestrong Foundation, Code for America, Lifewater), healthcare organizations/professionals (Kaiser Permanente, dentists, optometrists, chiropractors, family physicians), market research companies, restaurants and government agencies.


Founded in 2013 and launched in May 2014, HouseSurfing is based in Los Angeles, California, HouseSurfing is a community driven marketplace for people to list and book unique spaces (Houses, Apartments, Vacation Homes and more) around the world. HouseSurfing connects people from around the world, while simultaneously ensuring that every experience is richer, unique and affordable. HouseSurfing aims to redefine hospitality by empowering the hosts to offer more than just space and for guests to indulge in an unparalleled experience whether visiting a new city or a foreign country.


Can you show me the last book you purchased on Amazon, your funny cat video collection and your favourite Tweet within 30 seconds? If not, try flashbackr. Our apps let you capture all the digital objects that are meaningful or important to you and search through them using our unique smart tags. Tag Maps, as we call them, enable you to gather content dynamically based on description rather than static path making for a more intuitive, flexible and scalable search compared to folders. In short, flashbackr tames the information overload problem we all face today, and this is why we call it your digital home.


We do increase and improve the customer engagement using our video messaging services. Video are an easy, powerful way to make your employees and customers feel more connected to your brand.