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Est. 2013


Giftri.com is a free service that helps you find gifts for your Facebook friends. Sophisticated algorithms analyze and compare facebook profile data for the best possible personalized gift recommendation.

Our Story:

We all experience the problem of finding gifts. To solve this problem Giftri.com has developed a unique gift recommendation engine that mines Facebook profile data to generate personalized gift lists. Recommended gifts are picked from Amazon’s huge product database.

To begin the process of finding a gift, you log into Giftri.com with your Facebook credentials and select a friend from your friend-list. The recommendation engine then goes to work and a selection of gift ideas are displayed. You can manually add a gift to the list and rate the suggested gifts. Gift ideas are based on Facebook profile information and the ‘collaborative filtering’ of similar profiles.

Giftri.com is based in southern Spain and was created by serial entrepreneur Soren Beck Jensen and his small international team. Soren says “most people think of Silicon Valley when it comes to new tech startups, but I think being in Spain makes us different and gives us a unique perspective. I am really excited about how well Giftri.com is being received and the team is too, there’s a real buzz around the office”.



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