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Atlas Wearables

Est. 2013


Atlas Wearables aims to provide practical fitness analytics that goes way beyond steps and points. Our product is smart enough to tell the difference between a push-up and a triangle push-up. It also counts reps, caloric burn and evaluates your form.

Our Story:

Peter Li was amazed at technology. Even autocorrect on smartphones intrigued him. But, he noticed that technology to make workouts and exercises more quantifiable and efficient didn’t exist. While at Johns Hopkins University earning his master’s degree, he came up with what is now known as Atlas Wearables. He co-founded the company with Mike Kasparian, and both co-founders aim to provide practical fitness analytics. 



“This Fitness Trackers Puts Everything Else To Shame” - Fast Co. Labs
2014’s best activity tracker for precisely quantifying your workouts - Men’s Health
“Entrepreneurs of Austin: Atlas Wearables” - Forbes


Finalists for TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield
Raised $629,019 on indiegogo
On schedule to finish $1.2 million seed round

Contact us at:

[email protected]
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