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Niche Images


Est. 2014


Spacenab provides a simplest and easiest way to share contents online where anyone can posts their contents with ease.

Our Story:

Spacenab is a fastest growing social media web community that provides a simplest and easiest way to share contents online unlike blogging where people first need to create a blog then they have to build audience for it which requires lots of their time and efforts.

In simple words “It is a YouTube for content “. Youtube makes your videos viral spacenab makes your content viral. Spacenab has already made so many viral posts with more than thousands shares on different social media websites.

 Our silent features:-
-          Simple and easy to post content.
-          Anyone can post any kind of content under our guidelines. People can post single line or full articles.
-          Best platform for sharing info-graphics
-          Track performance of your posts and manage them.
-          Drive leads and sales with your interesting contents.
-          Equipped with social media sharing’s.
-          Get feedbacks from worldwide audience.


Ranjeet Singh
Cofounder and CEO
Chemistry Graduate from Hindu College
Previously worked at TCS

Sourabh Verma
Cofounder and COO
Chemistry Graduate from Shyam Lal College
Previously worked at coco-cola


We partners with GIMW (www.GIMW) and Josh Talks.

Contact us at:

[email protected]
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