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Est. 2012


Mailbird is the best email client that helps people and businesses focus on staying productive and effective with online communication and work flow.

Our Story:

We are a team of 8 passionate people who seek to innovate email in a way that brings increased online communication effectiveness, security and speed on a modern email platform. We have incredible productivity hacks like the first email speed reader cutting your email time in half, quick preview of attachments, drag and drop, quick compose, awesome apps to customize your email experience, google calendar integration and an email productivity dashboard in the works. Mailbird users are productivity seekers, they are tired of logging in and out of the web to their different email accounts. They prefer a faster and more beautiful UI, a once stop shop for all their online communication and work flows. They want to spend more time on important stuff rather than being distracted by email.



If you invite 5+ of your friends to Mailbird and they all download and use it, you can get Mailbird Pro free for a year. If you get 1-4 of your friends to use Mailbird you get 25% off Pro for a year.


no funding yet, working on partnerships with Dropbox, Evernote, Intel and several private ISP's. We were named startup of the day by Microsoft. PC World named Mailbird one of the best free softwares of 2013 for the productivity person. We won a software productivity award at the prestigious Sparxup tech conference in 2012.

Contact us at:

[email protected]
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