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Consulting Tenders

Est. 2014


ConsultingTenders.com (CT) is a global online marketplace for consultants and buyers of consulting services. CT helps consultants and buyers find each other directly and provides a set of tools for easy and efficient interaction between the two parties.

Our Story:

CT currently operates in Beta mode (but is completely functional) and is expected to go fully operational by early 2015. Consultants use CT to showcase their credentials, find projects or contract opportunities (from simple one-person engagements to large and complex consulting projects) as well as to locate project partners or subcontractors. On the other hand, buyers use CT to post projects and find consultants (from individual experts to multinational consultancies). CT is different from other online professional marketplaces in one important way: it is designed specifically with the needs of consultants and buyers of consulting services in mind. The platform is purposefully designed to handle only the matchmaking and bidding processes prior to the project’s start and subsequent mutual rating by the counterparties following the project’s completion. The other steps in the project lifecycle, including negotiations of price and payment terms, contractual arrangements, project execution as well as the payment by the buyer to the consultant are carried out outside of CT by the consultant and the buyer themselves.


Membership is currently free of charge for consultants for a period of 12 months. A nominal membership fee for consultants will be introduced after the completion of the 12-month introductory period. For buyers, CT is always free.

Contact us at:

[email protected]
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