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Est. 2013


VerbalizeIt delivers real-time access to human translators to make sure that nothing is ever lost in translation. VerbalizeIt empowers businesses with the ability to translate a document, website, mobile app, audio or video file, or connect with a live translator any time of day, anywhere in the world and from any device or application.

Our Story:

VerbalizeIt was founded because of two very distinct stories where language was a barrier to communication. VerbalizeIt’s co-founders, Ryan Frankel and Kunal Sarda met at Wharton business school where they realized that they both faced sticky situations while working abroad; Ryan fell ill in China and Kunal was robbed in France. Both of them knew how to resolve their situations but neither of them spoke the local language. They decided to start a company with the mission of breaking down language barriers for good.

VerbalizeIt was hatched out of the Wharton Venture Initiation Program and went through the TechStars Accelerator Program in 2012. The company began as a live-interpretation app where businesses and travelers could instantly connect to a human interpreter in any language, any time, anywhere. Today, VerbalizeIt is a full-service translation platform backed by 20,000 vetted translators and offering: website localization, document translation, app localization, audio and video transcription and translation, live interpretation and a translation api. Their clients include small and medium sized enterprises and app developers and large international names like Vimeo, Estée Lauder, and TripAdvisor. Learn more at www.verbalizeit.com


VerbalizeIt offers 10% off their translation needs to the Hubary community, no questions asked.


From November 2012: “VerbalizeIt Launches with $1.5M Initial Raise; Delivers First of its Kind Crowdsourced Translation Service for Businesses and Travelers - VerbalizeIt Fills a Void in $33.5B Language Industry by Bringing Crowdsourcing Model to Translation Services

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