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Niche Images

Laidback Life Ltd

Est. 2014


Laidback Life Ltd was founded in order to create products that will make people's lives easier. Its first product is D-Tangle; a gadget that automatically unwinds users existing set of earphones.

Our Story:

Laidback Life Ltd was founded by Christina Nicholson and her dad Stelios Nicholson. Christina owns a Bsc in Business Maagement from University of Essex and an Msc in Human Resource Management from London School of Economics. They are both originated from Cyprus and they own their own business in Cyprus which is primarily in clothing retail and in stationary. Christina is the creator of D-Tangle and brought D-Tangle to life after many frustrating attemps to untangle her own set of earphones. After many talks with friends and acquintences she came to the result that many people faced the same problem and that she had to find a solution. Hence the birth of D-Tangle.


Contact us at:

[email protected]
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