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$11 / Month


$111 / Year
Number of Markets you can list in 1 2 3
Dedicated Niche-Page (company profile) in Selected Market
# of Niche-images in your listing (product/website images) 1 4 Unlimited
Embedded Video in your listing N/A
Promotion of Business on Hubary Facebook, Twitter, Google+ pages N/A
Listing appears on homepage under "New Listings" N/A
Inclusion of your business in a Hubary Newsletter mailing N/A
Access to Hubary's Niche Biz Consulting Services* (with free 1 hr consultation indluded) *extra cost for services N/A
Access to HubaryConnect's peer-peer niche business network N/A Coming soon Coming soon
Receive personal assistance in creating the perfect niche page N/A
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Your business is Unique. So is the way your customers find you.

  • Who Lists their Business on Hubary:

    The businesses that list on Hubary range from those in the midst of a crowdfunding campaign, to beta launches, to startups, to growth companies with national press, and even some that have received funding from The Shark Tank!

    You may not have a full-time employee dedicated to cracking the SEO code and your page rankings.

    • Page 1 search results garnered 92 percent of all traffic from the average search, with traffic dropping off by 95 percent for the second page. (Chitika)
    • The top listing in organic search results receives 33% of the traffic, with 18% for the second position, and the traffic drastically drops off from there. (Chitika)

    You have a hard time finding 20 hours a day to solve the complex search engine algorithms that probably won't rank your site first anyway, even if it actually IS the most relevant to the search.

    • You probably don't have the budget and time to focus on a cost-effective PPC campaign
    • You likely will be paying hundreds of dollars a month, or even thousands to get any measurable results from a PPC campaign.
    • Search keywords have increased in cost as the niche markets become increasingly popular. That means you are paying more, for the same results.

    You believe in belonging to a community of unique online businesses that serve valuable market niches and leverage the collective exposure and promotion provided by Hubary.

  • Hubary Delivers:

    A dedicated community following who are always looking for the newest, greatest innovation and resource on the web.

    • People come to Hubary to find something different. Your business will stand out from the crowd.

    A customized "Niche-Page" that provides the vitals on your business in a concise, informative, effective manner. Sometimes internet users will leave your homepage before ever finding out what you really are all about. Tell your story and grab their attention immediately with your Niche-Page. Get listed in the exact market (or markets) for the audience you want.

    • Your branding, a catchy headline, and short synopsis of what your business actually does...novel concept, right? Unfortunately most websites have become so cumbersome that they can drive new users away who want quick, relevant information
    • Gain new sign-ups & users directly by linking from your mini-page & advertise your new promotions or incentives. Going through Crowdfunding? Only in beta? Let them know right here. PROMOTE ACTION.

    Regular promotion of our client listings:

    • We are successful when your business is successful. So we will do everything we can to drive interest, traffic, and action to your business. In addition to delivering an engaged, motivated consumer base, we will blog about your business, Tweet, and post to our Facebook page, all in effort to educate our community about what is special about your business.
    • You may also be chosen to be featured in one of our web-commercials, all for no additional cost!
  • Hubary Listing Process:

    We don't let just any site list on Hubary. We are after only the most unique, interesting, creative business resources that our community will love. Sign up today to apply for a listing on Hubary!

    You pay a standard monthly fee – no variable cost or guessing on PPC each month.

    Sign up early to list your business on Hubary now and get 3-months Free.

  • FAQ:

    Is there any obligation after signing up for the trial?
    - No! Give it a shot and list your business with no cost, no obligation, to see if it's right for you.

    Can I cancel after signing up?
    Yes. While we hope you don't want to cancel your listing on Hubary. you can cancel your month to month listing at any time and you will not be billed for any subsequent months thereafter. Annual listings are prepaid for the year.

    What is this Hubary icon discount?
    For businesses that add the Hubary icon to their own website (ideally next to your other social media icons ie. FB, Twitter, Google+, etc.), we are offers $5 off your listing fee per month, for as long as you have the icon up there. You don't have to add our icon, but if you do, we're willing to give you that discount. The icon should link directly to your Niche-Page on Hubary so show off your Hubary pride and get some $ back in those pockets!

    Is Hubary unique?
    There is nothing like Hubary on the market. We are completely dedicated to providing the platform for Niche online businesses and resources to receive the exposure and following that they deserve. We know what amazing resources are out there and it's frustrating for those businesses when they can't reach their intended targets. Hubary exists to provide the platform to connect those businesses with the users that need what they offer.

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