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Est. 2013


Fitsme is a food discovery and meal planning app that helps you discover dishes that fit your unique food preferences and/or dietary needs. Our "food personality" system is endlessly customizable, providing the medium with which to build any conceivable diet and keep even the pickiest eaters satisfied with new and interesting options.

Our Story:

Fitsme began as a solution to our (the founder's) personal problems. Josh and I began eating Paleo about two years ago and at the start it was difficult to eat out let alone find new recipes to cook. Prior to making the switch Josh mostly 'cooked' meals from the frozen aisle and I was a bread and pasta eating vegetarian. The build up of frustration after spending endless hours searching and sifting through recipes led us to declare, "Why is there not an app or website out there that I can tell what I can and cannot eat and it shows me food options?!" Josh and I talked over our idea with Austin and he lamented about his own troubles with food. Austin is a body builder and eats to maintain his physical form. He said that he spends a lot of time planning out meals every week and finds that he eats the same thing day in and day out because he doesn't know where to find new recipes that fit his needs. We combined our collective food issues to form Fitsme.  



Fitsme is completely free to users.


1. Advisers: Seed Change 2. Accepted into Boost Accelerator

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