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Est. 2013


Dripler offers a new and innovative way to stay up to date with your Twitter timeline. Never miss a tweet and stay focused on what deserves your attention.

Our Story:

Automatic Sync

Your timeline will be automatically updated, even when you're not using the app and without draining the battery.

Face-Detected Scan

Put the iPhone on the dock or take in your hand, watch your tweets one by one as you watch the phone.

By Date Timeline

Read the daily tweets or past tweets has never been easier.

By User Timeline

Discover your timeline grouped by users that you follow.


Easy to to catch up on a conversation or see responses to a tweet.

Multiple Account

Register all your accounts and switch from one to another as you want.


Customer reviews

The good app

"Really great on notifys every each followers and unfollows ! Able to Scanner them out more queues!"

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[email protected]
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