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Est. 2014


hush is a mobile only social network that enables users to meet new friends around them through interests and hobbies. Users will be able to discover and connect with each other through their "iconographic" profile, a unique profile that represents the user with icons.

hush is launching soon! Sign up now on imhush.com or our facebook page to get access to our iOS beta now.

Our Story:

Most social networks lay on two extremes; on one end, there are services that help you keep in touch with people you already know, and on the other end, there are dating services. A middle ground where users can make new friendships has yet to be established.

So, we decided that we need to redefine the landscape of social networks. You should be able to stay connected to your existing friends and also be able to meet new interesting people at the same time.

Instead of getting a fragmented view of potential friends through photos and texts, you can meet friends on hush based on interests and hobbies. How you discover the people around you will be unfolded through the icons in your search!

When you decide that you want to take the step to connect with someone else, your intention for connecting with them will be expressed through the form of icons. Don’t worry, the amount of information revealed just hits the sweet spot, preserving the excitement and mystery of making a new friendship and just enough to keep things interesting.

The days where first words consist of “hi”, “whats up”, or “how are you” are over. When you first initiate a conversation with a new friend, the awkwardness of first contact will be history.

Contact us at:

[email protected]
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