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Est. 2014


Ze way to say thank you and appreciate your awesome friends. On your mobile. In zeconds.

Available now in Google Play and App Store.

Our Story:

A social mobile app for people interested in staying positive and living a happy life to express their gratitude and appreciation of others. Users also get a personal profile, which reveals their key strengths and positive deeds as seen through the eyes of their friends.

How ZenQ works?

APPRECIATE YOUR FRIENDS. Imagine swiping through your friends and endorsing them for their positive personal qualities. One is honest, another is charming, fun, energetic, reliable etc.

FIND WHAT MAKES YOU AWESOME in your friends’ view in your own crowd-sourced personality profile. Discover your key strengths based on what your peers appreciate about you and what you do for them every day.

GIVE A ‘THANK YOU’ THAT WON’T GET LOST IN THE CLUTTER. Someone made your day? Leave them a message, let them know how special they are and contribute to their personal profile.



Get ZenQ for free now from http://zenq.co




1000+ downloads

Customer reviews

“It's ridiculous how simple it is and how much value it brings” Iulian Novac, MindValley

“It’s DEFINITELY cooler implementation than i thought” Adam Berk, neigh*borrow

"I love this app. I'm already using it every day. It's a perfect way to start the day off on a positive note. My wife and I are at a point in life where we are really focused on staying positive and living a happy life, and gratitude rituals are a big part of it. This is awesome for us" Brian Kalma, Blade, ex-director of UX @Zappos

"It's different and new. The UI is light weight but also well tought and easy to use. I like the whole user experience. I am not really the biggest fan of the whole social media way of interacting but with ZenQ but I'd give a pleasant compliment from now and then. Hell, I wouldn't mind receiving one myself." Andrei Cacio, user

"Cool and engaging. Love this app as it allows you to praise the qualities your friends have in a non-awkward way." Antonia Onaca, user

Contact us at:

[email protected]
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