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Est. 2014


Founded in 2013 and launched in May 2014, HouseSurfing is based in Los Angeles, California, HouseSurfing is a community driven marketplace for people to list and book unique spaces (Houses, Apartments, Vacation Homes and more) around the world. HouseSurfing connects people from around the world, while simultaneously ensuring that every experience is richer, unique and affordable. HouseSurfing aims to redefine hospitality by empowering the hosts to offer more than just space and for guests to indulge in an unparalleled experience whether visiting a new city or a foreign country.

Our Story:

The Founder

 HouseSurfing was founded by a young entrepreneur in Los Angeles who was raised around the world in over 16 countries with a natural curiosity for cultures and commonalities. Before moving to California and starting HouseSurfing at the age of 20 with a tax return from the lucrative job he quit*. he graduated high school at 13 and had a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and 2 Master’s degrees in Business and Finance before he turned 20, along with a wealth of experience living in Europe, Asia, North Africa, South America and the Unites States.

(*He took the cash and put some of it in the business and with the rest bought a motorcycle at $1300 below its value, then traded the motorcycle for a classic red convertible sports car and $500 cash and sold the sports car for a $4500 profit and invested $3800 into initial development and with the left over bought another motorcycle for $1800 below it’s offered price, starting the business while riding in style.)

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