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Spanish To Move

Est. 2013


Spanish To Move is the best program to learn Spanish online!

It has been designed on the basis of psychological and linguistic research to ensure effective and long lasting learning.


The course includes the following contents:

  • 4 levels of proficiency: Elementary, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced, with 45 lessons in each one of them.
  • A Free 7-Day Course explaining our learning method and some motivational issues.
  • A Free Spanish Course for Travelers.
  • Over 18 hours of audio in Mp3 format.
  • Over 18 hours of video in Mp4 format that includes text/audio sync videos.
  • Over 500 pages of lessons in PDF format.
  • Spanish vocabulary in 7 languages ​​(English, French, Portuguese, German, Chinese, Japanese and Korean).
  • English translation of the lessons in the Elementary and Basic levels.
  • Unconscious learning of the grammar, so students can learn intuitively and without memorizing complicated grammatical structures or endless vocabulary lists.
  • Access to a learning community to get feedback and receive personalized advice.
  • Travel blog containing articles about the culture, traditions and attractions of Spanish speaking countries, so that students are encouraged to travel to these fascinating destinations. 

Try our Free Lessons in MP3, MP4 and PDF formats, at our website:


Our Story:

Spanish To Move was founded in 2013, by Blanca and Luis Pelayo. Its creators are native Spanish speakers. In addition to their pedagogical knowledge, they take advantage of the experience they have acquired as students of English and French.



Spanish To Move offers 20% off your first purchase to the Hubary community.

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