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Est. 2012


Sokanu is a career platform and free career test designed to measure people intrinsically and match them to careers. We believe people do their best work when it’s in something they’re passionate about. Our mission is to connect people to their calling in life so they can reach their true potential.

Our Story:

Sokanu began from the same place the question “what should I do with my life” first arises. At the end of high school, Spencer Thompson (our founder), noticed a pattern among his classmates when it came to choosing a path after high school. They were all going into the same courses at the same University. Somewhere along the way, a parent recommended a career, told another parent, who told their kids they should take this particular career path because the income, the prestige, or the employment rise was worth it.

Almost every high school student was picking a career path based on the biases from other people, rather than deciding for themselves. Sokanu takes the bias out of career decisions by helping people decide which career is right based on their unique selves.

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