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Est. 2012


diffr3nt is an American-based canvas accessories company bent on breaking convention, smashing satisfactory, and ousting okay. We aim to usher in a new era of quality over quantity, finished instead of done, and great in place of good. What is truly unique about diffr3nt is that our products are 100% handcrafted in the United States from fabric to final product. We love our nation, we love our customers, and if you’re diffr3nt, we probably love you too.

Our Story:

Here at diffr3nt, we aim to shake things up a bit. Society blacklists our generation as being too entitled, too young and too inexperienced. Yet everywhere we looked, we found young professionals, self-starters, game-changers and go-getters. “The Right Stuff” was right before us, but wasn’t being realized. So we became obsessed, obsessed with our mission of disproving this notion. But, how to put it into practice? After hundreds of designs, prototypes, and botched fingertips - we have for you the diffr3nt|sleeve. It’s the quintessential symbol of the business/casual, work hard/play hard, can do/will do attitude. Forged in the fires of Connecticut, our sleeves are made from the most durable canvas and are Made in America. We recognize the chance we have to make a difference in today’s world. We invite you to do the same. 



We would love to offer our fans at Hubary a 20% discount on everything in our store. Use the code "Hubary" and 20% will be deducted at checkout! 


Check out our press page for a ton of articles about diffr3nt! 

Customer reviews

Our favorite review to date! Thank you Donna for being great and taking the time to post this! 

I found diffr3nt while I was searching for cheap iPhone cases online, because as I'm sure you know you could find a $40 case online for a much cheaper price. Though I'm very picky and I don't like a lot of what is out there, my style is still simple but unique and as soon as I saw your cases I knew they were a perfect fit and I just HAD to have one.

You had me at canvas. I was online looking for a cheaper phone case and the canvas is what made it okay for me to spend more than what I had anticipated. This is because I happen have a secret obsession with jackets, it's kind of like the stereotypical girl that loves shoes except that I love jackets... and my favorites are canvas. It's just a very comfortable feel and to be able to have that in the palm of my hand instead of having a plastic phone case is kind of like a dream come true for me.

The wallet part is also a very nice touch. I swear I had spent a day or two contemplating on whether I wanted the diffr3nt|slim or the diffr3nt|wallet though. There was the obvious difference in price but I also debated on how it would feel and the way it would look. The slim one would feel smoother and I would imagine it would make my phone just a little bit less bulky. However seeing as I'm not the kind of girl that carries a purse the wallet would come in handy. So the wallet won for that reason, but I wanted to let you know I love them both and if I had the money I would have probably bought both. 

Hell, if I had the money I would buy other colors too. I decided on midnight black because of it's versatility. It would be able to match… anything… and I would never wake up one day saying " I wish my case wasn't this color today." It's simple yet still has a bold personality with the green stitching which is why it's my favorite. I do love your other color choices as well though, especially the sail blue. I contemplated this for a while too, because the blue reminds me so much of Sonic the Hedgehog it just makes me want it but I would definitely wake up one day and not want my phone to be blue for that day. That's just me though.

Lastly, I adore that these cases are handcrafted in Connecticut. Being a geography major in college I've learned a lot about the world and how it works, one of the topics being outsourcing to other countries. You don't hear of companies being completely stationed and producing in the U.S. I'm sure they are there, somewhere, I just haven't seen them. The way you advertise it, your company feels like a friendly local business in a small town. It makes me think " Yes. This company deserves my money more than brand names like speck or incase." 

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