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Est. 2013


Yeti is the easiest way to start and join discussions around topics that interest you.

Find your Yeti, discover the unknown.

Swipe right to join a discussion, left to pass. As Yeti learns your interests it recommends more relevant discussions. Discussions, much like in the real world, span local topics including restaurant recommendations, local attractions, and inquiries about the area.

With Yeti, you can easily share and discuss topics with experts about anything from your favorite surf spot in Bali, the best dive bar in Venice, or a newly found hike in Vail. Yeti is the best way to help, share, and learn about local discussions around the world.

Check out Yeti and Discover the Unknown - Download the app

Our Story:

Yeti grew from At The Pool and encompasses user generated content in more than 120 countries. At The Pool started off as a social discovery tool, to help connect like-minded people together offline around shared experiences. We realized that members in over 3,500 cities were posting about their favorite activities, restaurants, bars, and experiences. People were also commenting on recommendations, and asking questions about these experiences. Discussions around topics like, "Temescal canyon is a perfect hike to enjoy the sunset" and "Espresso Cielo has the best iced coffee in Santa Monica" generated a lot of conversation.

We created Yeti to help people find local discussions in any city they travel too. 



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Customer reviews

"Fun interface, great design, easy to use, and the swiping is addictive. Seems like a great way to explore and find things you like to do."

"Intuitive and fresh UI. I really like getting to explore the big range of things happening near me."

"Awesome for finding out the cool spots in my neighborhood and seeing what's happening in town."

"What I like most about Yeti is its potential to facilitate local interactions between all citizens, not just travelers and streetwise townies."

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[email protected]
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